Primark. Look at the charts below which demonstrate a strong growth in revenues and store openings. Primark is successful; it’s fast; it’s cheap!

But, can you buy from Primark online? No. Primark doesn’t do e-commerce? Why not?primark-revenue

According to this excellent article on Digiday, the reason is simple. Primark don’t believe that e-commerce is a profitable distribution channel for them.

Why wouldn’t e-commerce be profitable for Primark? The article identifies several reasons:

Reason 1: Primark’s selling price-points are too low. The cost of shipping products would be in many cases be as expensive as the goods themselves;

Reason 2: Primark deals in fast-fashion. Products can quickly go out of fashion that would create problems with customers returning their online purposes some weeks later;

Reason 3: Primark stores thrive on attracting large numbers of customers. Visit a Primark store and you’ll probably find yourself caught up in a “frenzy” of buying low-priced goods. Migrating that demand online would reduce the impact of Primark’s store visitors uk.

So don’t expect to be buying online from Primark anytime soon! But, expect the number of Primark stores to grow and grow… UKPrizeCompetition – Primark Voucher


useful lincks uk

primark españa


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