Primark. Look at the charts below which demonstrate a strong growth in revenues and store openings. Primark is successful; it’s fast; it’s cheap! But, can you buy from Primark online? No. Primark doesn’t do e-commerce? Why not? According to this excellent article on Digiday, the reason is simple. Primark don’t believe that e-commerce is a … Continue reading primark-doesnt-do-e-commerce


Bannon’s Made Millions in Shaping Right-Wing Thought

The personal wealth and holdings of President Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, were detailed for the first time on Friday in a filing that showed a large chunk of his income coming from right-leaning political news, film and consulting companies. uk The filing was included in a huge release of financial disclosures made late … Continue reading Bannon’s Made Millions in Shaping Right-Wing Thought